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About Sectigo Certificate Manager

Manage public & private certificates from a single platform

The Sectigo Certificate Manager is a complete management platform enabling you to easily manage PKI certificates at scale. The Sectigo Certificate Manager makes life easier for security administrators by automating the issuance, discovery, renewal, revocation, and replacement of certificates numbering in the thousands, tens of thousands, or more. It supports any trust model you require and can be used to manage certificates issued through Sectigo’s public CA and from your own private PKI. It is interoperable with all leading devices, operating systems, protocols, and chipsets, and provides visibility and management through a single pane of glass, enabling you to administer PKI across all websites and devices in your infrastructure, both in the cloud and behind your firewall.

Enterprise Products

The Sectigo Certificate Manager is the ideal management platform for a wide range of enterprise products, such as:

  • Enterprise SSL

    Simplify management of all SSL website certificates across your enterprise

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  • Enterprise Private PKI

    Augment your Microsoft CA and protect non-Windows devices throughout the enterprise

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  • Enterprise S/MIME

    Improve email security by providing end-to-end encryption and identity with seamless end-user deployment

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  • Enterprise Code Signing

    Ensure software and application integrity by digitally signing your code

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Future-proofing your security foundation

Sectigo is one of the world's leaders in Public Key Infrastructure. We were a pioneer in SSL and related security technology, and we continue to invest in new technologies, standards, and solutions, such as mobile, DevOps, and IoT, to remain at the leading edge. The Sectigo Certificate Manager will grow with your needs, so you can solve today's problem now, with the extensibility and flexibility to solve other problems in the future.


Sectigo's core philosophy revolves around interoperability and the use of open standards. No matter what technology stacks you need to secure - be they devices, OSes, chipsets, or protocols (including ACME, REST, and EST) no other certificate management solution has a wider range of interoperability than the Sectigo Certificate Manager. It also supports multiple types of on-premises or cloud deployment you require, be it public cloud, private cloud (cloud-hosed), or private cloud (on-premises).

Ease of use

The new "Zero Touch" capabilities built into the Sectigo Certificate Manager offer unprecedented degrees of automation and control, streamlining your processes and greatly simplifying the management of certificates and keys across your enterprise. Its single-pane-of-glass management features bring all PKI solutions together on a single platform with a single user experience. By simplifying the tedious work associated with certificate lifecycle management, you can free your team to focus on more valuable tasks.

Peace of mind

No organization wants to be the next data breach headline, and no security administrator wants to lose her/his job over it. We work closely with businesses of all sizes, including some of the largest companies on the planet, in all vertical markets, and in all corners of the globe. By partnering with Sectigo, you can rest assured that your organization is guarded by the highest level of encryption technology available, developed and managed by some of the world's leading PKI/encryption experts.

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