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Purpose built PKI management to secure and protect your websites, connected devices, applications, and digital identities.

Enterprises today have an infinite number of websites, mobile devices, servers, and applications that all require secure digital identities. One of the leading threats to enterprises is vulnerabilities in their digital identities, which can open the door for attacks that impersonate an employee, device, or server to gain access into the network. Protecting digital identities against threats requires a robust and automated PKI solution that can manage both public and private certificates and seamlessly employ both legacy and new encryption methods to accommodate sudden changes in encryption requirements. According to NIST guidelines maintaining crypto-agility is imperative for enterprises to prepare for the quantum computing era.

Digital identities are at the center of information security. Certificates are used to secure identities for many use cases, including:

  •  users
  •  devices
  •  email
  •  code
  •  servers
  •  websites
  • IoT devices
  • DevOps

Sectigo enables enterprises to manage and automate the entire digital certificate lifecycle for their public and private certificates to secure and protect their websites, connected devices, and digital identities.

Certificate Manager

Sectigo’s certificate lifecycle automation solution takes the complexity, cost, and time out of managing digital certificates across an enterprise. The Sectigo Certificate Manager cloud-based platform enables enterprises to have complete visibility and lifecycle control over any certificate in their environments, regardless of the issuing CA. Through a single portal, enterprises can manage both their public and private certificates and initiate self-service or automation workflows that deliver compliance and business agility.

Management of Public & Private Certificates including:

  • TLS/SSL certificates
  • Private CA
  • User certificates
  • Device certificates
  • S/MIME email encryption certificates
  • Code signing certificates

Private CA

Private Certificate Authority (CA) enables an enterprise to issue certificates under its brand with its own unique trust anchor. It also provides agility for customers seeking to augment or replace their Microsoft CA solutions so they can protect their non-Microsoft devices. The Sectigo solution provides a wide range of certificate authority hierarchy between our cloud service and the customer premise with a highly available OCSP and CRL.

Leveraging the Certificate Manager lifecycle automation solution, administrators can issue, view, and automate their private certificates alongside their public TLS/SSL certificates. All this from a single platform, helping them avoid risks, errors, or hidden costs that can be associated with self-signed certificates.

Email Encryption (S/MIME)

The Corporate Email Encryption S/MIME managed solution provides end-to-end encryption of corporate email by digitally signing and encrypting communications. Email certificates enable encryption of both the email body and its attachments so that senders and recipients of email can verify that the content they are sharing is legitimate and trusted. Email encryption is now a requirement for major regulatory standards including GDPR, HIPPA/HITECH, DFARS, and more.

Sectigo's Zero Touch deployment solution for S/MIME provisions digital identities automatically to any application using traditional Windows or mobile devices. Administrators can simply push the installation of S/MIME certificates to employees without the end user doing anything.

IoT Device Security

Sectigo IoT Device Security service enables enterprises to deploy and scale their ecosystems securely and manage the full lifecycle of devices. The platform is available for a wide range of industries and applications, including industrial automation, medical devices, automotive, telecommunications, smart city/smart buildings, and consumer electronics. IoT Device Security uses a secure, cloud-based portal to issue trusted third-party PKI certificates to assigned devices for authentication and lifecycle management.

Enterprise Use Cases​

One of the leading attacks on enterprise business is where the attacker will impersonate the legitimate user or device to steal intellectual property or otherwise harm the business operations. A strong digital identity is the proven best method to prevent this impersonation.

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