Enterprise Solutions

Sectigo offers a broad selection of certificate solutions to secure and protect your enterprise.

TLS/SSL Certificates

Secure both external- and internal-facing servers with SSL certificates from Sectigo. Choose the mix of EV, DV, OV, multi-domain/SAN, and wildcard to suit your needs, and purchase in bulk for greater convenience and the best prices.

Sectigo Certificate Manager

Discover, deploy, and manage certificates throughout your network in a single, convenient, web-based console. Sectigo Certificate Manager discovers both private and public certificates from all sources across your network and allows their lifecycle management, replacement, and renewal from a single, easy pane of glass.

Sectigo Certificate Manager improves your security and uptime as an indispensable tool in protecting against,

  • System outages due to unexpected certificate expiration
  • Compliance gaps
  • Use of rogue or unapproved certificates
  • Potential data breaches

Internet of Things (IoT) Manager

Deploy and manage certificates for IoT devices across their full lifecycle, scalable to support even the largest IoT networks. Sectigo IoT Manager uses a secure, cloud-based portal to issue trusted, third-party, PKI certificates to be assigned to devices for authentication and lifecycle management. All in a solution that’s effective, efficient, and easy to manage.

Code Signing Certificates

Cloud-based or on-premises code signing solutions. Code Signing provides authentication to assure customers that the file they are downloading is from the publisher named on the certificate.

Enterprise Use Cases​

One of the leading attacks on enterprise business is where the attacker will impersonate the legitimate user or device to steal intellectual property or otherwise harm the business operations. A strong digital identity is the proven best method to prevent this impersonation.

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