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Sectigo Automation Data Sheets

Sectigo Automation

Automation is now critical to any certificate management system. Not only does it reduce the overall cost of ownership; but automation also enforces cryptographic compliance and prevents potential service disruptions caused by human error.
Subordinate Public CA Data Sheets

Subordinate Public CA

The Sectigo subordinate CA program allows partners to issue digital certificates using a custom-branded subordinate CA certificate from Sectigo’s globally-trusted root CA.
Private Certification Authority Service Data Sheets

Private Certification Authority Service

Under a Private CA, enterprises can create their own private root certificates, which can issue private, end-entity certificates to their internal servers and users.
Sectigo Channel Partner Program Guide Data Sheets

Sectigo Channel Partner Program Guide

This guide outlines a partner’s eligibility, level, and associated benefits of membership in the program. Sectigo reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify this Program Guide.
Securing Email with S/MIME Certificates for HIPAA Compliance Data Sheets

Securing Email with S/MIME Certificates for HIPAA Compliance

As in any industry, email is a critical communication medium for healthcare professionals. Left on its own, however, email is fundamentally insecure for transmitting Personal Health Information (PHI).
Meeting Federal Requirements For Secure Email Data Sheets

Meeting Federal Requirements For Secure Email

Compliance to Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation - Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations
Email Certificates For GDPR Compliance Data Sheets

Email Certificates For GDPR Compliance

Enable Encryption and Identity Authentication for Greater Email Security with S/MIME Certificates
Sectigo SSL Solutions Brief Data Sheets

Sectigo SSL Solutions Brief

All SSL certificates must be issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) with roots that are trusted by client operating systems and browsers. By regulation, CAs must follow a codified, minimum vetting process before issuing any SSL certificate.
Sectigo IoT Manager Brief Data Sheets

Sectigo IoT Manager Brief

With more than one billion devices deployed today, Internet of Things (IoT) is among the most important growth areas for technology in the coming years. Companies of all sizes and industries are planning and implementing IoT strategies.
Sectigo S/MIME Email Certificates Brief Data Sheets

Sectigo S/MIME Email Certificates Brief

Posing as legitimate employees, servers, or devices, hackers can utilize email to infiltrate an organization’s digital infrastructure and wreak havoc on its business. You can combat these potential attacks by signing email using Sectigo.

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