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Industry-leading TLS/SSL certificates from the oldest continually operating public Certificate Authority (CA).

Secure your website with Sectigo SSL

Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) offers the complete range of available SSL certificates for your business. With more than 100 million certificates issued and the widest selection of certificate options to meet the needs of any sized website, Sectigo is the best choice for your SSL needs.

A certificate for every need

Sectigo offers all standard SSL certificate types at reasonable prices.

Benefits of using Sectigo SSL for your website

Before making purchases, accessing accounts, or sharing sensitive information, site visitors seek known indicators of secure communication, including the padlock icon, https in the address line, and the color green.

Increase site transaction rates

To further improve transaction rates, consider adding your company brand name to the address by installing Extended Validation (EV) certificates on your site. Research shows that visitors displaying the company-branded EV address bar are more likely to complete transactions including purchases, sharing personal information, and signing up for new services. They also are more inclined to associate positive qualities like high levels of customer service, stability, and trustworthiness with companies displaying the branded address bar.

Eliminate browser security warnings

Google Chrome requires that all web pages be encrypted by SSL regardless of whether or not transactions take place on them or the type of content served. Any page not under https will automatically receive a “Not secure” warning at the top of the browser interface. The only way to prevent these warnings is for all pages in your site to be protected by SSL certificates.

Improve SEO ranking

Popular search engines improve the search rankings of SSL-enabled pages algorithmically. That means SSL certificates are an easy and inexpensive way to improve SEO performance.

Maintain compliance

Many important regulatory and industry standards require that online businesses protect personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), credit card numbers, and other sensitive data. Failure to do so can result in fines, loss of privileges, and other non-compliance penalties.

Strongest-available encryption

All Sectigo SSL certificates enable 256-bit encryption, the strongest encryption available for web connections.

Why choose Sectigo SSL?

#1 Market Leader in SSL

With over 100 Million certificates issued worldwide, Sectigo is the largest commercial CA

Industry-Leading Support

Expert support 24 hours a day/7 days a week available in multiple languages

Trusted by Leading Brands Globally

More than 30% of the Fortune 1000 use Sectigo SSL solutions

Broad Solutions Portfolio

From the biggest brands to the smallest websites, Sectigo has solutions to fit the need and price point for any sized customer

Over 20 Years Experience

Founded in 1998, Sectigo has been providing online trust solutions for more than 20 years

Trusted by All Popular Browsers

As a founding member of the CA/B Forum, Sectigo solutions are trusted by all of the leading web browsers

About TLS/SSL Certificates

TLS/SSL is a standard security protocol that establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, ensuring that all communication that occurs between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted, and therefore private. Millions of websites use SSL to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, login pages, and secure browsing on all websites including blogs and social media sites. Enabling HTTPS on all websites not only provides consumer trust that the website is legitimate and is safe to browse or transact on but it has now been mandated by the leading browsers such as Google Chrome. Websites without an SSL certificate display a ‘Not Secure’ warning in the address bar.

The growth of global websites, mobile, and internet connected devices has also expanded the use of SSL well beyond just ecommerce. Anyone who needs to securely share date between devices over the internet requires and SSL certificate. Here are the most common uses:

  • Securing online credit card transactions.
  • Securing web forms and customer logins.
  • Securing email and webmail applications.
  • Securing corporate communications through intranets, file sharing, extranets, internal servers.
  • Securing cloud based platforms and virtualized applications.
  • Securing file transfers over ftp.
  • Securing data transfer to and from mobile devices.

Types of TLS/SSL Certificates

There are many different type of certificates options available, all with their own unique use case and value propositions. The level of authentication assured by the CA is a significant differentiator between the types. Sectigo’s full range of certificate types and options include:

The highest level of protection offered by an SSL certificate, Extended Validation (EV) is the industry standard for business web sites. When an EV SSL certificate is loaded on a site, browsers will display additional trust indicators, including the company name in a green browser address bar. Commonly referred to as the “green address bar” or “branded address bar,” this interface element tells users they are interacting with the intended online business and not a scamming imposter.

To obtain an EV certificate, a company must go through a rigorous, standardized, human-reviewed authentication process that has not been defeated in more than ten years.

Displaying the company name in the browser has been shown to build visitor confidence and improve engagement with sites, increasing purchases, use of online services, and the sharing of personal information. With multiple ecommerce sites finding a significant increase in transactions when testing green address bars, including such visual security indicators can deliver a boost in engagement with your information and services

Extended Validated SSL certificates available in:

Secure one Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) on a single certificate.

Secure multiple, distinct domains with a single solution.

Visible Trust Indicators:

  • Displays organization name in the browser
  • Activates the green address bar (in most browsers)
  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Company name in browser bar
  • Dynamic TrustLogo

Learn more about Sectigo EV SSL

Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificates are a simpler, faster certificate option for registered organizations. To receive an OV certificate, the company must prove it owns the domain it is seeking to secure and prove it is a legally registered business. Through visual trust indicators — like the appearance of HTTPS, the padlock icon, and dynamic site seal — visitors will know the site is trusted and secured.

Requiring only one to three days for validation, OV SSL certificates are business validated and are ideal for validating your ownership of your organization’s website, helping to ensure your visitors your site is secure.

Organization Validated SSL certificates available in:

Secure one Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) on a single certificate.

Secure a single domain and unlimited subdomains.

Secure multiple, distinct domains with a single solution.

Visible Trust Indicators:

  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Company name in browser bar
  • Dynamic TrustLogo

Learn more about Sectigo OV SSL

Wildcard Certificates - Family PageDomain Validated (DV) SSL certificates provide the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to receive industry-standard encryption. To attain a DV certificate, companies must prove ownership of the domain being secured. Issued in just minutes, DV certificates display trust indicators in browsers, like the padlock icon and HTTPS. Because the organization is not vetted, DV certificates are best used for internal sites, test servers, and test domains. They are not recommended for consumer-facing or ecommerce sites.

Offering express 5-minute certificate issuance — the fastest of any Sectigo certificate — DV SSL certificates come with Sectigo’s 24/7 dedicated support as well as free unlimited server licensing and free reissuance. Plus, offering the strongest SHA2 and ECC Encryption, Sectigo DV SSL certificates are also mobile friendly.

Domain Validated SSL certificates available in:

Secure one Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) on a single certificate.

Secure a single domain and unlimited subdomains.

Secure multiple, distinct domains with a single solution.

Visible Trust Indicators:

  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Dynamic TrustLogo

Learn more about Sectigo DV SSL

Many websites have multiple sub domains under their main domain. One Wildcard certificate can be used to secure the main domain and an unlimited number of sub-domains under the main domain. For example,,,, and so on. Wildcard certificates offer the full encryption for the sub domains making them an affordable and effective solution for most websites.

Wildcard certificates are only available in DV and OV validation options.

Learn more Sectigo Wildcard Certificates

The Multi-Domain Certificate may also be called a SAN/UCC certificate but both serve the same purpose; they are an SSL certificate solution used to secure multiple domains. One MD Certificate can secure up to 250 unique domains with a single solution. MD Certificates provide a convenient option for organizations that own a lot of domains and looking for a simplified way to secure them through a single solution vs. purchasing single certificates for each.

MD Certificates are available in DV, OV, and EV validation options.

Learn more Sectigo MD/UCC Certificates

A-Z Guide in Choosing the Right SSL Certificate

This whitepaper will cover the basics of SSL and recommendations for choosing the right solution for your unique needs, topics include:

  • What Are TLS/SSL Certificates
  • How SSL Encryption Works
  • How to Choose Between an EV, OV, or DV Certificate
  • What You Should Look for in Choosing a Certificate Authority (CA)

TLS/SSL Certificates Solutions Brief

Breaking down the types of TLS/SSL Certificates offered in order to help you find what certificate will best fit your needs.

EV Certificates: Worth the Investment

Global Survey Reveals Majority of Consumers Prefer Doing Business With Websites Using EV SSL

Key findings from the survey related to websites displaying EV SSL certificates reveal:

  • 57% of people are more likely to share personally identifiable information
  • 50% are more likely to engage in financial transactions
  • 43% are more likely to sign up for a new account
  • 38% are more likely to fill out and submit an online form
  • 37% are more likely to make a purchase

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