Secure Email Solutions (S/MIME)

Digitally Sign and Encrypt Your Email Communications with Zero-Touch Deployment Across Your Enterprise

Corporate Email Encryption

Enable end-to-end encryption of corporate email by digitally signing and encrypting messages with email certificates. Leveraging the Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) protocol, email certificates enable encryption of both the email body and its attachments so that senders and recipients of email can verify that the content they are sharing is legitimate and trusted. Through our cloud-based certificate management platform businesses can seamlessly deploy, manage, and automate email encryption for every user across their enterprise for both public and private S/MIME.

How It Works

S/MIME certificates secure email communications in three ways:

  • Authenticates the sender
  • Encrypts the email content and attachments
  • Assures message integrity

Zero-Touch Deployment

Sectigo has developed the world’s first Zero-Touch Deployment capability for S/MIME email certificates. Sectigo’s innovative architecture makes it possible for IT professionals to deploy and maintain email certificates for employees without requiring action from the end users. Administrators can push the installation of S/MIME certificates to employees without the end user doing anything.

The Sectigo solution can send an entire encryption key history to all Desktop and Mobile mail applications so even older emails can be decrypted; these same keys and certificates can be pushed (or pulled) on both Mobile and Desktop devices. The solution can interoperate with the secure email gateways (SEGs), so the enterprise may still use mail scanners to perform their functions on encrypted and signed emails.

Award-Winning Zero-Touch Deployment S/MIME

How Zero-Touch Push Deployment Works

Stay Compliant

Email encryption is now a requirement to stay compliant with many regulations including:




Sectigo S/MIME Solutions

CompareTrial S/MIME CertificatePersonal Authentication CertificatePersonal Authentication Certificate ProCorporate Email Encryption - EPKICorporate Email Encryption - SCM
Used forPersonal & Corporate Email Personal EmailPersonal & Corporate EmailCorporate EmailCorporate Email
Term length30 Days1,2,3 Years1,2,3 Years1,2,3 Years1,2,3 Years
ValidationEmail address onlyEmail address onlyName, Email address, Domain & OrganizationName, Email address, Domain & OrganizationName, Email address, Domain & Organization
Management PlatformNoNoNoYesYes
Automation CapabilitiesNoNoNoNoYes
Zero-Touch DeploymentNoNoNoNoYes
Cost$0From $16.66/YearFrom $39.99/YearCustom PricingCustom Pricing
Buy Get Now Buy Now Buy Now Contact us for pricingContact us for pricing

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