Sectigo IoT Manager

Simple, Automated IoT Management for Securing Every Connected Device

Part of the Sectigo IoT Security Platform, IoT Manager provides trusted, mutual-authentication solutions for all IoT devices and networks, enabling companies to securely build out and scale their ecosystems and manage the full device lifecycle. IoT Manager uses a secure, cloud-based portal to issue trusted, third-party, PKI certificates to be assigned to devices for authentication and lifecycle management. All in a solution that’s effective, efficient, and automated.

IoT Manager’s high-availability, batch-issuance system allows administrators to easily enroll, download, and decrypt certificate batches quickly and efficiently. It meets requirements for many industry standards, including WiMAX Forum, GSMA, Zigbee, OCF, and Joint Venture-Silicon Valley.

Today, billions of IoT devices are connecting to networks all over the world.

With more than one billion devices deployed today, Internet of Things (IoT) is among the most important growth areas for technology in the coming years. With research predicting as many as 50 billion active IoT devices by 2020, companies of all sizes and industries are planning and implementing IoT strategies to improve productivity, responsiveness, and their ability to delight customers.

Using x.509 PKI certificates and custom hybrid TLS/SSL certificates, the IoT Manager’s high-availability, batch-issuance system allows administrators to easily enroll, download, and decrypt certificate batches quickly and efficiently. Device registration certificates are installed by the provider at the first point of network connection, defending the device against unauthorized connection. Once connected to the private network ecosystem, devices can link only to nodes that are mutually authenticate, even across a potentially hostile public network. Any device without the proper authentication credentials will not be allowed to connect. This creates a trusted environment, even with devices from third parties.

Connected IoT devices interact with physical environments that introduce new forms of risk. Safety, security, privacy, data integrity and reliability are top concerns. Due to market pressure IoT devices often released without the capability of strong security. We have seen the result of this trend which has resulted in California legislation requiring IoT device vendors to mitigate some of the risk related to the usage static credentials. Sectigo’s IoT Manager provides trusted third party issuance of IoT device credentials. These certificates enable strong mutual-authentication solutions enabling companies to securely build out and scale their ecosystems and manage the full device lifecycle.

With support centers spanning the globe — from the U.S. and Canada to India and the UK — Sectigo IoT Manager can help organizations worldwide protect their IoT ecosystems. Plus, Sectigo offers support in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Arabic, German, Russian, and Hebrew. And with datacenters in Manhattan, NY and Manchester, UK, Sectigo has an issuance capability of 250 million certificates per day.

CA Ecosystem Setup

  • Creation of certificate profiles
  • ​Drafting a certificate policy
  • Drafting a certificate practices statement
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) provisioning and management

CA Signing and Hosting

  • Root CA signing
  • Subordinate CA signing
  • Secure hosting and storage in a tier 5 datacenter using HSM technology

IoT Batch Issuance & Management

  • Private ecosystems
  • Comodo IoT CA service
  • High-availability service
  • ECC & RSA support
  • Cloud-based administration portal

Purpose Built IoT Management

Sectigo IoT Manager is purpose built for deploying and managing millions of IoT certificates. Provision, issue, renew and revoke certificates all from an intuitive cloud-based platform.

  • Securely store and manage certificate keys
  • HSM (Hardware Secure Module) based private key protection
  • Automate high-volume batch deployment or single on-demand
  • Certificate lifecycle management including certificate renewal
  • Identity and registration certificates
  • Flexible certificate profile management
  • Automated certificate installation and provisioning using a wide variety of protocols
  • Ecosystem and organization management, including admin provisioning
  • Device Authority partnership (patented device provisioning and KeyScaler certificate management)

Device Component Manufacturers / Software Vendors

Devices are now built with security in mind to encrypt every connected endpoint.

  • Silicon / Chipset vendors
  • IoT Middleware vendors
  • IoT / Real Time Operating System vendors

Securing Every Intelligent Connection

Everything is getting smarter. From transportation to home networks. End-to-end encryption for every connected device is essential to secure your entire footprint.

  • Industrial Control Systems / Industrial Automation vendors / SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) / M2M (Machine to Machine) / HMI (Human to Machine Interface)
  • Automotive
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Retail (smart inventory)
  • Logistics (smart shipping)
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Rail
  • Smart Aviation

Device Owners & Operators

Failing to encrypt devices leave vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. IoT Manager can help operators maintain an encrypted environment across all platforms, networks and industries.

  • Service Integrators
  • IoT Cloud Platforms
  • Healthcare device vendors
  • Finance (Point of Sales and / or ATM)
  • Smart Cities, including municipal/state governments and vendors
  • Utilities (Water / Energy Generation / Energy Distribution)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecoms / Network Operators
  • Retailers
  • Shipping Companies

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