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Technology Partners

IoT security can be complicated and involve multiple vendors. Sectigo partners with technology providers to bridge this gap and create joint-solutions allowing IoT device manufacturers and service providers to quickly and efficiently deploy security services.

Features and Benefits of Sectigo’s Partner Program

  • Algorithm support for ECC 256/384 & RSA 2048 & 3072
  • FIMSA Certified Tier-5 Datacenter
  • 24x7 service availability with "follow the sun support"
  • Secure infrastructure versus the hassle and expense of managing your own internal PKI service
  • Deeply experienced PKI personnel

Ecosystem Partners

Ecosystem security can pose quite a challenge to an organization or Policy Authority. Leverage Sectigo’s experience to create the necessary documentation, policies, hierarchy, and administrative processes, allowing for true device and network interoperability within a closed, private ecosystem.

Technology Partners

Our technology partnerships allow for joint development of innovative solutions for any vertical, device, or network. Contact us to learn more about our technology partner opportunities.

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