CLIFTON, New Jersey -- Nov. 15, 2016 — Comodo, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions and the worldwide leader in digital certificates, today launched a new release of Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM), a complete, full-lifecycle digital certificate management platform that enables enterprises to manage their entire digital certificate eco-system with an unprecedented level of integration, automatic discovery and ease-of-use—empowering them to never miss an expired certificate again.

Digital certificates provide the backbone for information security, and with the growing need to secure everything digital, certificate management becomes increasingly complex. The problem will get much worse as enterprises turn to certificates to better manage security for the 21 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices expected by 2020. The need for better IoT security is underscored by the recent spate of record-breaking DDoS attacks, powered by compromised security cameras and other devices.

CCM allows businesses to self-administer and instantly provision Comodo certificates and auto-discover and manage all certificates, from any certificate authority (CA), throughout the organization. Notably, CCM automatically discovers all internal and external SSL/TLS certificates and organizes them into one central inventory to simplify SSL/private key information (PKI) tracking and management. It also alerts them when certificates are about to expire.

Manually tracking and monitoring multiple certificates internally from various CA vendors can result in errors and mismanagement, leading to missed renewals, expired or vulnerable certificates and potentially catastrophic security breaches. It's simply too time- and resource-intensive for short-staffed IT departments. CCM completely solves this problem.

"Based on our deep understanding of the certificate market, Comodo anticipated the challenges brought on by IoT devices and resource strapped IT teams," said John Peterson, vice president and general manager, Comodo. "With the new release, our customers can easily manage their digital certificates from a unified dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of their entire certificate inventory, providing quick access to alert settings and certificate controls, no matter where in their environment that certificate is installed."

The advanced certificate issuance and lifecycle management platform also enables organizations to be their own private CAs, either directly through CCM or through the use of Microsoft Active Directory certificate templates. This provides organizations with a cost-effective way to enable enhanced security offerings such as SSL, S/MIME (with key archival and recovery) secure logon, user and machine authentication, web server authentication and smart cards.

The fact that Comodo is the world's No. 1 certificate authority, with more than 40 percent global market share, provides several important distinctions for its CCM solution:

  • Comprehensive – Provides complete certificate support, not just management of others' CA certificates
  • Cost-effective – Avoids manual work for certificate discovery and renewal; consolidation into one platform lowers costs
  • Simple and flexible – Enables customers to be their own private CA and enroll certificates for internally-trusted applications (email, IoT); avoids complexity and burden of managing PKI and separate identity databases
  • Efficient – Streamlines software distribution and avoids error messages by signing code with certificates from a public CA
  • Reliable – Avoids disruption in service uptime and risks of lost trust caused by expired certificates

"Digital certificates are essential to security and trust, and a task that is far too important and too big to manage manually. We see automated certificate management solutions as a must-do best practice, and a requirement that is becoming even more important with the proliferation of network connected devices and IoT," said Robert Westervelt, research manager, Security Products, IDC.

About Comodo CA

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