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Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificates

Secure up to 100 domain names with a single certificate.

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per year*
per year*
per year*
Multiple Domains†^
Multiple Domains†^
Multiple Domains†
Validity Period
1-2 Years
1-2 Years
1-2 Years
Validation Level
Domain Validation
Organization Validation
Extended Validation
Company Branded Within Browser
Average Issuance Timeframe
Within a few minutes
Within 1 day after all documentation is received
Within 1 day after all documentation is received
Unlimited Server Licenses
Strongest SHA2 & ECC Encryption
Major Browser & Mobile Device Compatibility
Free Expert Support
Priority Support
Trust Logo
* Prices in US Dollars / USD
†Supports SAN at Additional Cost
^Supports Wildcard

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (sometimes referred to as SAN/UCC certificates) take advantage of TLS Subject Alternate Names (SANs) to enable a single certificate to secure multiple domain names.

Mult-Domain Certificates provide a convenient option for organizations seeking to secure multiple domain names without the need to manage multiple certificates. Unlike wildcard certificates, multi-domain certificates can secure any mix of valid external domains even if they’re unrelated to each other.

A single multi-domain certificate could secure:

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