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The only platform offering embedded device hardening technologies and purpose-built third-party certificate issuance and management

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About Sectigo IoT Platform

A broad set of embedded device hardening technologies and third-party certificate issuance and management

The Sectigo IoT Platform enables OEMs, their supply chains, and enterprises to secure connected devices and technologies at scale. It’s the first and only solution that combines our unique Embedded Security Suite, a comprehensive, modular suite of embedded device-hardening solutions developed by Icon Labs, with the Sectigo IoT Manager, a purpose-build certificate issuance and management system.

A key element of the Sectigo IoT Platform, Sectigo IoT Manager provides trusted, mutual-authentication solutions for all IoT devices and networks, from both cloud-native or on-premise CAs, enabling companies to securely build out and scale their ecosystems and manage the full device lifecycle.

The other key element of the Sectigo IoT Platform is the Icon Labs Embedded Security Suite, a complete set of technologies designed to improve security on the device itself. It includes Secure Boot, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) integration, secure key storage, data at rest encryption, embedded agent provisioning, TLS library support to encrypt data in transit, embedded firewall, and over-the-air updates.

The IoT Platform enables your IoT business models and secures your connected devices by ensuring connected device identity and integrity, and providing flexibility and interoperability with multiple trust models, device types, operating systems, chipsets and protocols. It removes the complexity associated with PKI, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best, not on managing the PKI infrastructure.

Common Use Cases

Solve a broad range of IoT use cases with the Sectigo IoT Platform

The Sectigo IoT Platform is the ideal solution for:

Product Benefits

Peace of Mind

No one wants to suffer the next botnet catastrophe. PKI is the gold standard in identity security, and incorporating it onto your devices protects against what could otherwise be a major vulnerability to your business and a threat to your connected device business model. Choosing a partner with the experience, scale, and commitment to embedded device security of Sectigo can let you rest better at night.

Future-Proofing IoT Business Models

By removing security as a barrier, you can fully unlock the data on your devices and maximize their value to your business. Whether you are using data for predictive maintenance, analytics, visibility, or control, Sectigo will help you maximize the value of your IoT business model, not just today but for years to come. And Sectigo IoT Platform enables you to update certificates over the air, on the fly, giving you the cryptographic agility to guard against the possible upcoming “crypto-apocalypse” associated with the arrival of post-quantum computing.

Ease of Operation

Our device-hardening technologies and certificate issuance, provisioning, and lifecycle management are purpose-built for connected devices, and are interoperable across nearly all trust models, devices, operating systems, chipset architectures, and protocols. This removes the pain and complexity of securely building, provisioning, and running embedded devices, both within your own enterprise and across complex device supply chains.

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