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In today's complex IT security environment, it is vital to minimize risk and downtime by utilizing services that safeguard your business and drive IT efficiencies. Our Enterprise Service is designed for customers who require technical and validation management services with immediate access to Sectigo's most skilled service personnel.

The extensive Sectigo experience from being the largest commercial Certification Authority gives you a solid, secure foundation in the shortest period of time. Once in service, we'll help you manage and maintain your digital certificates across multiple systems to avoid non‑compliance, outages, and data breaches.

From on-demand validation to expert technical support, our trusted security experts are ready 24/7 to respond and resolve your technical and validation issues immediately and efficiently.


Our program is designed to allow customers to tailor their service agreement to meet their needs. Customers can also purchase additional options to enhance the core features of Advanced and Premier service agreements.

FeatureAdvanced (per incident)Premier
Response time (call back or email on opening the service request of any level)1 hours1 hour
Telephone support hours for all severity levels8 AM to 8 PM Easter24/7 and Chat
Designated ContactsNo3
Service Account ManagerNoYes
Remote Remediation Client EnvironmentYesYes
Quarterly Service ReviewsNoYes
Help Desk Training AvailableNoYes
Emergency 24/7 Support for Critical SeverityNo24/7
Training (instructor led training billable - remote, on site, inhouse)Online LMS - BillableOnline LMS - Included
Monthly ReportsNoBillable
Additional Designated ContactsNoBillable

For more information about Sectigo Certification Authority, our Premier Enterprise Services and our full line of digital certificates, contact the Sectigo representative in your area at (US) +1-888-266-6361 or (INT) +1-703-581-6361 or visit


Your Service Account Manager (SAM) acts as a liaison between Enterprise Customers and Sectigo. The SAM acquires personal knowledge of the customer's organization and ensures that the organization's service needs are met. Your SAM acts as a dedicated resource to assist with all aspects of deployment, ticket tracking, reporting and service recommendations.

Business hours for SAMs are 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.

Their responsibilities include the following:

  • All reports include performance-to-objectives and customer satisfaction reviews
    • Quarterly Service Reviews, Free
    • Monthly Activity Reports, Fees Apply
  • Ensure customers understand the Enterprise Service program and its benefits
  • Proactive communication with the customer by telephone or email
  • Customers receive monthly incident stats and history reports
  • Assistance to help customers become as self-reliant as possible
  • Familiarity with customer's system configuration and environment
  • Understanding of customer's service needs to ensure satisfaction


Enterprise Service customers receive quarterly service reviews and monthly reports of the incidents they report to Sectigo's support database. The reports contain support incident information, such as problem description, open and close dates, current status, assigned technician and resolution reports.


Sectigo's Enterprise Services will perform all activities as part of an SLA-based service delivery model. However, lacking direct physical access to the end-client environment, operational remediation requiring remote access including but not limited to availability, capacity, and outages are the responsibility of the customer.

The following table outlines the response times for each priority level associated with incidents, as reported by the customer via telephone or our ticketing system:

Issue PriorityDescription
L1 CrticalThis is an EMERGENCY condition that prevents critical business operations.
L2 HighThis is a condition that significantly impairs the use of our applications or systems to perform any critical business operations.
L3 MediumOne or more applications or systems is affected, but the impact on business operations is not severe
LowThe reported issue does not substantially impact business operations.


Incident Resolution is defined as incidents assigned to Enterprise Services and successfully restored to normal service operation within timeframes specified.

Service Availability 24/724/724/7 24/7
Acknowledgement5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes
Status Updates 1 hour 4 hours 8 hours 48 hours
Target Resolution < 4hours < 8 hours < 12 hours < 24 hours

* Published resolution times exclude code fixes, customized configuration, and product enhancements, and may include workaround solutions based on customer acceptance.

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