Enterprise S/MIME

Seamlessly deploy end-to-end encryption and identity to secure email

With Sectigo Zero-Touch S/MIME, email encryption has never been easier. Our industry-first Zero-Touch publicly-trusted S/MIME lets you seamlessly deploy and manage email certificates without requiring action from end users or interfering with their experience; allowing you to quickly and easily comply with security and privacy requirements, including GDPR, HIPAA, and a variety of U.S. federal regulations.

Common Use Cases

Sectigo S/MIME email encryption is the ideal solution for:

Email Signing

Ensure emails actually came from the intended sender, guarding against fraud vectors such as phishing and business email compromise (BEC). Detect if the email or attachments were modified after being signed.

Email Encryption

Protect your intellectual property or personal information from being read either in transit, or while stored in the mail server.

Mobile Wi-Fi Access

Enhance user experience with password-free Wi-Fi access for Apple and Android devices, while improving security and ensuring that only authorized users access your network.

VPN Access

Improve user experience and cut costs by replacing cumbersome VPN authentication solutions with password-free certificate-based authentication.

iOS/Safari Website Authentication

Eliminate the need to use passwords to authenticate to cloud services or single-sign-on via Apple devices.

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Root Causes Webinar: The Bright Future of Email Encryption

Email Encryption is a great example of future-proof technology. Our Zero-Touch S/MIME solutions allow organizations to protect against email threats such as BEC and spear phishing, comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and DFRAS, and automate the deployment of S/MIME, making it an easy, seamless process. Join our subject matter experts Tim Callan and Jason Soroko to discover how Sectigo Zero-Touch S/MIME allows you to protect your employee communications by deploying in all mail apps without complicated user intervention.

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