Private PKI

Augment your Microsoft CA and protect non-Windows devices

With so many changes in the enterprise landscape over the last several years, there is a growing need to augment the Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) to enable non-Microsoft applications, such as:

  • Mobile/IoT devices
  • DevOps
  • Cloud/Multi-Cloud applications

Sectigo Certificate Manager provides enterprises with a Private CA solution that delivers a complete, managed PKI platform designed to alleviate the problems associated with establishing and managing an internal CA. To learn more, schedule a demo with us today!

Common Use Cases

Use Sectigo Private PKI to secure all of your devices and applications

Sectigo's PKI Platform is the industry-leading solution that provides simple and cost-effective management for all of the digital certificates across your business, including:

Mobile Devices

Automate certificate installation on mobile devices for applications, mobile browsers and Wi-Fi authentication, and S/MIME email encryption.


Ensure the identity and integrity of containers, the code that they contain, and the production applications that use that code.

Web Servers

Automate the management and installation of certificates to secure infrastructure such as web servers, load balancers, and server farms.


Secure cloud-based instances of applications and virtual servers, at a single cloud provider or across multiple providers, both for single and multi-tenant environments.

Internet of Things

Automatically provision new certificates from your own Private CA, allowing for secure TLS communications between your IoT devices and other entities in your enterprise infrastructure.

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Root Causes Webinar: The Future of PKI in the Modern Enterprise

Did you know that Private PKI allows you to secure and manage devices and applications as diverse as web servers, mobile devices, IoT devices, DevOps and Cloud applications? Join our subject matter experts Tim Callan and Jason Soroko to discover how Sectigo Private PKI allows you to secure and automate the management of your internal devices and applications, regardless of which internal protocols you have in place, and save you costs, time and resources in the long run.

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