Use Cases

Solutions to streamline DevOps processes

With Sectigo, your DevOps team can incorporate compliant certificate processes into their normal workflow and start taking full advantage of:

Code Signing

Sectigo Code Signing certificates digitally sign applications and software programs, verifying file sources and ensuring code has not been altered.

RESTful API for Container Certifications

Sectigo Private PKI quickly, easily, and automatically provisions certificates for your containers and associated tools to ensure that they are authorized to interact with each other.


SCM helps secure your public-facing servers using ACME in conjunction with popular DevOps environments.

DevOps Integrations

Criteria include mechanisms to incorporate PKI into the CI/CD pipeline, orchestration frameworks and third-party key vaults.

Get the resource webinar: PKI for DevOps

DevOps as a software development and deployment methodology has radically transformed enterprise computing. This approach brings with it new architectures and tools such as containerization, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud. In this webinar hosted by and our subject matter experts Tim Callan and Jason Soroko, you will learn how PKI plays a critical role in DevOps environments and how enterprises can best use certificates to keep their platforms safe.

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