Enterprise Code Signing

Digitally sign your code to ensure software and application integrity

Sectigo Code Signing certificates enable developers to digitally sign applications and software programs to verify the source of the code and that it has not been altered in any way. Sectigo assists with the entire software lifecycle from managing approval to signing operations to subsequent maintenance.

Sectigo Code Signing supports all file types from drivers and firmware to scripts and applications. With our enterprise-scale issuance, management, and renewal/revocation/replacement features, your team has greater cryptographic flexibility and improved time to market for your products.

Common Use Cases

With Sectigo Code Signing Your Code is more trusted and secure

Start developing secure code with enterprise-scale certificate lifecycle management that gives you greater cryptographic flexibility and improved time to market. Our Code Signing certificates are available as an On-Demand Service (with a choice of Cloud Service Mode or In-House Hosted Mode), as well as standalone certificates. Sectigo Code Signing is the ideal solution for:

Application Development

Digitally sign software to protect end users from downloading and installing compromised software.


Ensure containers and the code developed within them is the code you intend it to be.

Embedded Devices

Enable secure boot and verify the microkernel, OS, and applications on each connected device, reducing the risk that malicious actor can compromise them.

Mobile Devices

Improve security and trust associated with mobile applications and the devices they run on.

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