IoT Identity Platform

The Sectigo IoT Identity Platform removes the complexity associated with securing and authenticating connected devices

The Sectigo IoT Identity Platform is the first end-to-end platform offering embedded device identity and integrity technologies, as well as purpose-built certificate issuance and management. It allows you to easily manage and protect your infrastructure in a way that is not only scalable, but cost-effective. Maximize the value of your IoT solutions and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your connected devices are protected in a shifting threat environment, not just today but for years to come.

IOT Identity Manager Use Cases

Purpose-Built Certificate Issuance Management

Cloud-based Certificate Issuance

Issue certificates for IoT devices via the cloud during manufacturing or when first installed on a customer network, ensuring device authenticity and enabling secure communication.

On-Premise Certificate Issuance

Issue certificates for IoT devices on demand during manufacturing or when first installed on a customer network using on-premise issuance to ensure device identity and secure communications.

Certificate Lifecycle Management

Use our lightweight PKI agent to perform certificate lifecycle management in the field without device downtime.

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Root Causes Webinar: Securing a world of inter-connected devices

IoT, Digital Technology, Digital Transformation, these are buzzwords that we hear more and more in the enterprise, as consumers, and in the field of critical infrastructure. But what does IoT Security actually mean, and how do you effectively secure connected devices such as SCADA, electric car chargers, healthcare equipment? Join our subject matter experts Tim Callan and Jason Soroko to discover how PKI and device hardening technologies are the answer to secure your IoT devices.

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