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Companies are feeling the impact of the looming browser warnings and are moving quickly. Companies like Trustico aren’t taking any chances, and just announced that effective immediately, it will no longer offer Symantec branded SSL certificates.

This move follows Google's decision to stop trusting SSL certificates issued by Symantec in the coming months, resulting in a degraded website visitor experience.

What does this mean? Any website that has been using an SSL certificate issued by Symantec before June 2016 or after December 2017 will be warned that their connection is not private and someone could be attempting to steal their information. Chrome users will have to click past the warning before they are able to access the website.

The initial change is scheduled to arrive with Chrome version 66, which will launch worldwide on April 17. Then from October 23 when Chrome launches build 70, all Symantec SSL certificates will be listed as untrustworthy.

As a valued partner of Comodo CA, Trustico has updated their systems to minimize disruption to customers with their API and ordering processes by enabling the automatic selection and ordering of equivalent products from the Comodo CA range. This means customers that attempt to order an SSL Certificate no longer supplied, will be presented with an alternate trusted product.

Trustico® will soon launch new website trust seals and will be offering Trustico branded SSL certificates across their sites. The SSL certificates that Trustico offer ensure websites are both secured and trusted – enabling security to protect sensitive data such as credit card and personal information. SSL certificates can be purchased, validated and issued within minutes using Trustico’s seamless validation process. All major browsers and devices trust their SSL certificates, providing the highest level of security and compatibility with 99.9% of the world's internet population.

Says Trustico director Zane Lucas: “The products and services that Trustico provide are those that the internet community trust and rely upon. It’s important for Trustico to ensure that those products and services maintain high security levels, are free from defect and instill consumer confidence at all times. Unfortunately, due to the recent security events involving Symantec, the brand is no longer one that Trustico believes can offer those high security levels.”

As indicated by Chrome, this incident, while distinct from a previous incident in 2015, was part of a continuing pattern of issues over the past several years that has caused the Chrome team to lose confidence in the trustworthiness of Symantec’s infrastructure, and as a result, the SSL certificates that have been or will be issued from it.

If your customers are concerned about the looming browser warnings and are seeking an alternative to Symantec, contact Comodo CA today.

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