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We have sought to clarify in the past that Sectigo and Comodo are entirely separate companies. The company that is now called Sectigo was carved out of Comodo and became fully owned by Francisco Partners in 2017, and in 2018 we rebranded our company as Sectigo.

One of the biggest motivators for rebranding Sectigo was to mitigate the market confusion that comes with this kind of change, to clarify that Sectigo and Comodo are separate businesses. We have recently heard from Sectigo customers that they still listed on Comodo's customers page, despite the fact that they are not, in fact, Comodo customers. This error has led to members of the press reaching out to some Sectigo customers for comment on recent news items involving Comodo. Of course, enterprises that are not Comodo customers are in no position to comment on these stories and should not have their names associated with them.

As a courtesy to our customers we have been directly in touch with Comodo asking for any Sectigo customer who is not a Comodo customer to be removed from their page. We encourage any Sectigo customer that is being incorrectly identified as a Comodo customer to reach out to Comodo directly for removal of these references. Sectigo customers can also let us know directly and we will ask Comodo to desist making any such references as well.

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