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Edward Giaquinto, our CIO, has been appointed Advisory Board Member at Rutgers University’s Cybersecurity Program.

The Rutgers Cybersecurity Certificate Program enables students to work collaboratively in small teams to solve real-world problems, guided by top-notch professionals who practice cybersecurity every day. The Program is designed to train and develop professionals to manage cybersecurity issues within an organization, preparing them to analyze, manage and build cybersecurity competencies that can protect the organization. It provides participants with the insight and expertise needed to solve real-world cybersecurity problems, recommend practical and strategic solutions, and to communicate results. Students gain technical, analytical, and communication skills through Rutgers' project-based interdisciplinary curriculum, which seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new cybersecurity threats and players.

As CIO at Sectigo, Ed oversees the IT, Support, and Validation functional areas, leading initiatives around operational excellence, customer service, and technological innovation. He assumed the role in February 2019 following his role as Sectigo’s VP of Information Technology, where he led strategic planning and process development gleaned from 30 years in the IT industry.

Edward Giaquinto will play an active role contributing to the Rutger’s Cybersecurity Program curriculum, providing expertise in the areas of Cybersecurity Basics, Cybersecurity Strategy, Cybersecurity Risk Management, The Cyber Crisis, and Implementation Issues with Cybersecurity.

Congratulations, and thank you Ed for sharing your decades of knowledge to advance the Cybersecurity field.

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