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When it comes to certificate management, there can be confusion between Microsoft CA (MSCA) and Comodo CA certificate management. What's the difference? And why should an enterprise consider Comodo CA Certificate Manager (CCM)?

In a nutshell, CCM allows you to augment the Microsoft CAs capability to manage all certificates, not just Microsoft certs. CCM discovers certificates located in web servers and imports them for future automated management. Additionally, all certificates issued by the enterprise Microsoft CA will be automatically discovered and imported, including those issued prior to the Comodo CA service being installed. The enterprise can decide to slowly replace the MSCA created certificates with those from the Comodo CA Certificate Authority, allowing for the MSCA to be decommissioned without the need to flash cutover with an outage.

Comodo CA provides Certificate Management for certificates issued from a customer premise Microsoft Certificate Authority, protecting your investment while preventing the outage of authentication services. Comodo CA allows you to purchase a turn-key service, paying only for what you need at the time, using an annual subscription fee. There are no large upfront setup costs. As the largest commercial certification authority, the Comodo CA support team has the expertise to deploy PKI to your enterprise.

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