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We are excited that Sectigo has acquired Icon Labs.

In homes, businesses, manufacturing plants, and campuses, connected devices are exploding in numbers and cyber-attacks are rising with them. Cars are highly connected and becoming more autonomous. Automated factories operate with limited manual control. The power grid, water processing systems, and traffic lights are all interconnected.

Many of these IoT devices have minimal computing power and cannot be protected using traditional security solutions; they require specialized security solutions. Cybercriminals are targeting IoT devices and systems with highly sophisticated and frequent attacks. Making matters worse, the security challenges facing device manufacturers change rapidly. It is no longer enough to harden devices against local attacks, utilize password-based authentication, or to rely on air-gapped networks. Security technologies that can successfully protect against this barrage of attacks are critically needed.

Icon Labs provides cross-platform security solutions for embedded OEMs and IoT device manufacturers. For more than two decades we have ensured that OEMs have the tools and solutions needed to build best-in-class security into their devices. By joining forces with Sectigo, we address a broader set of security concerns of the connected world. Icon Labs’ embedded security solutions, together with Sectigo’s best-of-breed certificate issuance and IoT Security Platform, solves the unique IoT security challenges.

F-Secure’s April 2019 IoT Threats Report explains that bad guys are still using old tricks. They have not had to up their game yet because vendors have been exceedingly slow in implementing meaningful security. Additionally, IoT devices frequently contain unpatched vulnerabilities and many rely on static credentials such as a username/password for authentication.

Icon Labs provides tools to enable secure boot, secure firmware updates, secure data storage and crypto-chip integration to harden embedded devices. These services utilize certificates for firmware validation, data validation and device authentication. Together, Icon Labs and Sectigo can now provide end-to-end security for the IoT. Secure boot ensures device firmware is valid. Secure updates enable software upgrades and patching of security vulnerabilities. Certificate-based authentication replaces usernames/passwords and PKI enables credential management, allowing compromised credentials to be revoked and replaced.

Sectigo and Icon Labs can address these issues on a global scale. Our solutions ensure security throughout the supply chain by enabling OEMs to inject device-identity certificates into products during manufacturing, including chips at the foundry. We can provide OEMs with secure boot across their entire product lines, enable secure updates for global networks of IoT devices and enable certificates for the entire lifecycle of a device.

Together, we are defining the future of security for IoT devices and networks.

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