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It’s no secret that Google has announced its distrust of certain SSL certificate issuers. As a result, Google, Mozilla and others are now displaying warnings, which can turn a would-be customer into a lost opportunity, leading to less traffic and less revenue.

These warnings will continue to escalate throughout the year, based on Google’s scheduled Chrome releases, with key dates as follows:

Date Event Chrome Release
Dec 1, 2017 Symantec, VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte certificates issued by NEW DigiCert equipment & processes.
March 15, 2018 Must be using a Symantec, VeriSign, GeoTrust or Thawte certificate issued on or after June 1, 2016 66 Beta
September 13, 2018 Must be using a Symantec certificate issued on or after Dec 1, 2017, which is using the new DigiCert issuing CA 70 Beta

To protect your site:

  1. Make sure your SSL provider will be trusted by Google, Mozilla and others.
  2. Contact a trusted provider to find out which certificate is right for your business.
  3. Log into your SSL provider’s management portal to install your certificate after scanning your website for all the servers which use an SSL certificate.
  4. Pay special attention to any pages that capture data, such as contact forms, search bars, and customer and partner log-in pages.
  5. Activate HTTPS and ensure that your website follows Google's best practices.

Choose an EV certificate

As you evaluate SSL certificates, consider an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, which displays your company’s full name in the browser bar, giving consumers confidence they aren’t falling prey to phishing attacks, which are still possible with low-cost or free Domain Validated (DV) certificates.

As the leading provider of TLS/SSL certificates, Comodo CA will help you quickly and easily transition your site to a Certificate Authority (CA) trusted by everyone, including Google. We’ve streamlined the certificate re-issuing process with tools like our Comodo Certificate Manager.

For more information or questions, contact a Comodo CA account manager at To compare our certificates, visit our order page.

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